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Community Acupuncture

What is Community Acupuncture?

Put simply, Community Acupuncture is the practice of having traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments within a communal setting. Because with Community Acupuncture your acupuncture takes place within a group setting, the cost of your treatment will be much, much lower than if you were to have individual treatments.

The tradition of Community Acupuncture is long established in China and it is now becoming increasingly popular across the globe because it allows everyone to access the proven benefits of Chinese medicine without worrying about the cost.

What does Community Acupuncture involve?

Community Acupuncture is just that- individual acupuncture treatments being administered within a communal setting; so instead of having a series of one-to-one acupuncture treatments you will instead be treated in a group.

Groups will consist of no more than twelve patients and everyone in the group will receive acupuncture at the same time. The treatment will take place in a warm, relaxing room and your acupuncturist will be with you for the whole time that you are there.

Why have Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is an excellent introduction to acupuncture and is the best way to get to know how acupuncture works and to find out whether it works for you. Community Acupuncture is a much cheaper alternative to individual acupuncture treatments.

What are the benefits of Community Acupuncture?

Although acupuncture is proven to be a very effective treatment for a variety of ailments, the chances of resolving a health problem with a single treatment is low. If you have a series of treatments it is much more likely that you will experience an improvement in your condition and/or make a full recovery.

How do I access Community Acupuncture?

You need to contact us to book an appointment for your treatment. When you book your treatment we can answer any questions that you may have and assess your individual requirements.

What happens during my Community Acupuncture treatment?

Your first treatment in our clinic involves the following steps:

1. You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so that your acupuncturist can carry out your initial consultation. There will also be some paperwork to complete. You will be asked to wear comfortable clothes to allow for easy access to your feet and arms.

2. Your pulse will be recorded and we will have a look at your tongue, this will give us a good indication of your general health. The findings from this initial consultation will be recorded and your individual record card will be updated after each treatment.

3. Based on the results of your initial consultation, your acupuncturist will decide which are the most beneficial acupuncture points to access and will explain these to you.

4. You will then be seated on a soft, comfortable chair, pillows will be placed under your knees and you will be covered with soft blankets to keep you warm.

5. After all the patients have been seated your treatment will begin. The acupuncturist will ask each person in the group to insert up to 8 needles and you will then be left to sit quietly in your chair, to relax and enjoy the healing process. As you relax your acupuncture treatment will begin to work.

6. The length of your treatment will be decided at your initial consultation and when your treatment is over and your needles removed, your acupuncturist will examine you to make sure that the treatment has been successful. Once your acupuncturist is happy that you are fine you will be free to leave, feeling much better, refreshed and more relaxed as a result of your treatment.

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