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Acupuncturists: Follow These 7 Best Acupuncture Blogs for Inspiration & Networking

No small business owner can work in a silo and acupuncturists are no exception. You need to connect with a network of peers and other healthcare professionals that complement your core business. Staying informed and up-to-date on developments in your industry is important to keep your practice current, and provide the best service to your clients. Whether it’s analysis and discussion of the latest news in acupuncture, research findings, tips to pass along to clients to enhance treatment results, or notes to help you build a successful practice, acupuncture and related blogs are an easy and accessible source for information and networking.


1. Acupuncture in Medicine Blog

BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal, has several excellent blogs, written by medical professionals with top credentials. The Acupuncture in Medicine blog delivers credible, peer-reviewed information, from insight into acupuncture news, research and policy. The posts run from inspirational stories of acupuncture’s effect on cancer patients to detailed notes on needling techniques for treating symptoms of menopause.

There’s also a focus on the established medical community’s changing view and recognition of acupuncture as a valuable practice to incorporate into the treatments prescribed by medical doctors and specialists for a wide range of health concerns. Interesting, thoughtful and definitely informative for both acupuncturists and MDs.

2. Acupuncture Canada Blog

Acupuncture Canada is a professional association of acupuncturists with a focus on outreach to educate the public about acupuncture and promote the integration of acupuncture with conventional medicine. The association’s new blog shows a lot of promise. Here you’ll find coverage of news in the pharmaceutical industry and how acupuncture offers a valid alternative to prescription drugs, postings on industry-related events, links to related professional bodies around the world, links to acupuncture research in progress.