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“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Any one can find disease”

Taylor Stil
We have nothing more valuable than our health. In order to sidestep alarming complications get a treatment in a timely manner

We all have experienced acute pain countless times, mainly as a result of sports injuries, accidents and various diseases. However, in addition to acute pain of a situational and temporary nature, up to 60% of people also experience chronic pains of most diverse origin. These pains don’t come and go away completely – they may last for weeks, months, sometimes even years.

Chronic pain is often accompanied by gradually developing vegetative disorders. It’s quite common people may suffer from depression as a result of chronic pain . Chronic pain might decrease quality of social life , ability to perform daily tasks, and cause permanent physical and psychological damage.

Patients are completely focused on their health problems. Life under such conditions becomes extremely uncomfortable, especially if the cause of chronic pain remains unknown, whereas classical (traditional) methods of treatment do not seem to help. In addition, the ongoing regular intake of pharmacological drugs affects

Acupuncture is an effective way
to eliminate chronic pain

Acupuncture is an integral part of Chinese medicine. It’s very popular due to its versatility and high efficiency. Acupuncture is widely used for pain relief and treatment of a number of acute and chronic disease. Acupuncture treatment is based on the use of bioactive points of the body. Most of these points are located on certain lines called meridians. According to Chinese medicine, the vital energy Qi flows through the meridians of the body, passing from one meridian to another. Due to various reasons the flow of energy can be disrupted.

By using acupuncture, the practitioner removes obstructions that prevent the flow of Qi energy through the meridians and restores the energy balance of the body. By inserting needles into bioactive points, an acupuncturist impacts the organ associated with these points. Acupuncture practitioners perform diagnostics by palpa ting the pulse and looking at the tongue of the patient. Depending on the patient’s condition, the insertion of the needle can produce a restorative or sedative effect . Accordingly, the organ becomes more or less active. As a result, the balance is restored and patient feels better .

Acupuncture is effective for a variety of conditions not limited to the following.
Neurological Conditions
Pain management is multidimensional approach to treatment . Headaches , Neuropathic conditions , Catastrophizing thinking as a results of chronic pain and many more . Evidence based medicine shown vast amount of research supporting this evidence
Needles reduce pain, help the work of nerve cells, relieve tension in the muscles and improve the blood supply of both the joints themselves and their parts - for example, cartilage. Acupuncture induces regeneration of tissues.
Sports injuries
Acupuncture helps increase immunity and the ability of the body to self-restore, activating the latent body potential, removing pain and speeding up the recovery process after injuries.
Spinal hernia
Acupuncture removes pain, helps relax the muscles, reduces tension in the spine, which has a positive impact on the condition of the intervertebral disc. Inserting needles into active points triggers the body's recovery process
Migraine and headache
Acupuncture helps improve the blood flow in the brain. Stimulation of active points regulates hormonal balance (hormones also have impact on the development of migraine) and removes pain.

Trust your health to professional acupuncturists

As a Registered Acupuncturist (R. Ac.) With the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario, and Manual Osteopathic Practitioner, I provide only a professional, highly qualified approach to the treatment of chronic pain. Since pain is multidimensional disorder and result of a particular health problem, it is very important to identify correctly the source of pain, which does not always coincide with the organ that unbalanced or correspond to the particular location in the anatomic muscle structure. My long-term experience allows me to find the main cause and develop the most effective course of treatment, which will give a measurable result after the first acupuncture sessions. There will come a long-awaited relief from lingering pain, the mobility of the joints will be restored, depression and apathy will be improved .

To achieve good results in the treatment, I conduct a detailed study of the patient’s condition.

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